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Francisco Tárrega — Preludio No. 7

Guillaume Morlaye — La Seraphine

Toru Takemitsu — Black Rain:

Steven Watson – Fantasy

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Tombeau for Julian Bream (for solo guitar, 2023) SCORE | RECORDING

Prelude No. 3 (for any instrument, 2023) SCORE

Nightfall (for solo banjo, 2023) SCORE | VIDEO

Sunday Lunch in Moment Form (for a miscellany of objects, instruments, and players, 2023) RECORDING

Chorale (for string trio or solo guitar, 2023) SCORE

Ad Infinitum (for solo guitar, 2023) SCORE | VIDEO

Squirrels (for any suitable keyboard instrument, 2023) SCORE

Prelude and Fantasy (for solo guitar, 2023) SCORE | RECORDING

Winter in the Woods (for marimba/violin/cello or viola/viola/cello, 2022) SCORE

Two Canticles (for solo guitar, 2022) SCORE | RECORDING

Passacaglia on Happy Birthday (for solo guitar, 2022) SCORE | RECORDING

Prelude No. 2 (for any instrument, 2022) SCORE

Homage to Takemitsu (for solo guitar, 2022) SCORE | RECORDING

Fantasy (for organ, 2021) SCORE

Prelude No. 1 (for any instrument, 2021) SCORE | VIDEO

Dekalog Postludes (for solo guitar, 2021) SCORE | RECORDING

Prelude and Fugue in G Major (for solo guitar, 2020) SCORE

Passacaglia and Fugue (for string quartet, 2020) SCORE

I watched a blackbird (for soprano/piano, 2020) SCORE

Homage to Sir Walter Scott (for solo guitar, 2020) SCORE | RECORDING

Night Music (for trumpet/guitar, 2020) SCORE | LIVE RECORDING

Come, heavy sleep (for lute/voice, 2018) SCORE

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The Lute Music of Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson (c. 1583 – 1633) was the last of the great English lutenists; he served Prince Henry and was later a prominent figure in the court of Charles I. He wrote music for many plays and masques of the time, including several by Shakespeare. Decades after Johnson’s death, in a “Dialogue between the Author and His Lute” within Musick’s Monument and the persona of the Lute, writer and lutenist Thomas Mace described John Dowland and Robert Johnson as “Two famous men; Great Masters in My Art”. 

Despite such high praise and the fact that much of Johnson’s music is well-suited to the guitar, few guitarists play it. This comprehensive collection of solo lute works, transcribed for guitar in standard notation, is an attempt to remedy this shortcoming. It includes music for the beginner as well as the advanced player. The book’s 23 pieces range from Johnson’s delightful almains, galliards, masques and a single coranto to the somber intensity of the pavans and a fantasie.  Dropped-D and lowered third-string tuning (F#) are frequently used to better approximate the tuning and range of the 9 or 10-course Renaissance lute.

Available as a physical book or an ebook from Mel Bay, Amazon, and various other online shops.

Renaissance Guitar Music for the Ukulele

To be published 2023 by Mel Bay.

Across Europe, the renaissance guitar was a popular instrument in the middle of the sixteenth century. It left us a treasure-trove of music, from rustic dances to chansons to ambitious fantasias. Five-hundred years later, this music fits beautifully on the renaissance guitar’s musical descendant, the ukulele. Both instruments have four strings and a similar tuning. This book will present 37 transcriptions, in tablature and standard notation, as well as a substantial introduction.

Free Scores

Biber, Heinrich Ignaz Franz – Passacaglia, from the Rosary Sonatas (guitar transcription) SCORE

Desprez, Josquin – Kyrie, from Missa D’ung aultre amer (lute transcription) SCORE

Llobet, Miguel – La Nit de Nadal (ukulele transcription) SCORE

Malats, Joaquín – Serenata (guitar transcription) SCORE

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